September 29, 2011

Sandwich Quest: Philly's Koja Food Truck

Who should start Game One for the Phillies - Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee? The reality is that it doesn't matter because you would be more than content with either taking the mound. Both pitchers are that good.

This is how I think about the question of which sandwich was the best so far on our Sandwich Quest. I emphasize so far because we still have many to try, such as Nick’s Roast Beef, Shank’s and McNally's Schmitter, to name just a few.

Japanese/Korean Koja Truck

The lasagna Bolognese from Paesano’s has been the clear front runner for quite some time. But then I went on my University City food truck tour, where I devoured the ridiculously good bulgoki steak sandwich from the Koja Truck. Some call it bulgogi, but Koja has bulgoki on its menu so we'll go with that name.

Which is better you might ask? I don’t know. Heads I win, tails I win. I could eat either sandwich at any time and be happy.

The debate is only fitting because both were on list of the best new sandwiches in the U.S. from Endless Simmer, the genesis for our sandwich quest. Endless Simmer, you’ve done your research!

Like the Bolognese, it is difficult to come up with any substantial complaints about the bulgoki steak sandwich. It had the perfect amount of spice to give me just a bit of sweat on my forehead, my personal spice test. Hey Koja, give me the secret so I can put it on everything!

The Bulgoki from Koja

The meat was like a regular cheesesteak on steroids. Bulgoki is beef sliced thin and marinated in Korean spices, served with a mix of veggies and cheese. You could taste the flavors in every bite. It was tender too! You can also opt for chicken or spicy pork.

I spotted the Amoroso
bag inside the truck.
The Amoroso roll was its typical high quality and soaked up the spicy sauce without falling apart – another trait of a great sandwich.

What else can I say? How about it is only three friggin dollars!! Let me say that again. One of the best sandwiches in Philly is only three bills. Yes, it is not as big as a typical long roll cheesesteak, but I actually see this as a good thing. The smaller size keeps you wanting more and it doesn’t feel like a shot put is sitting in your belly.

Go visit Koja Truck at its location on 38th St. between Walnut and Sansom. You can’t miss it. Just look for the most colorful truck of the bunch. Other reviewers have said the rest of Koja's Japanese and Korean food is very good, too. They have teriyaki dishes, noodles, soup, stir fry and dumplings.

And please tell us your favorite sandwich. We are looking for a Cole Hamels to join our Halladay and Lee.


A and J said...

So funny! We tried this sandwich this week-- blog post to come. We definitely didn't like it as much as you though :/ Ours had too little meat and NO spice.

Span said...

Nick's will probably take the top spot - not to overhype it. Just make sure it's the Nick's in South Philly and not in old city.

Also, Mama's Vegetarian falafel pita is solid, if this qualifies for the sandwich quest.