July 20, 2011

Far From Home Cafe Food Truck

Update: This truck is closed.

Several weeks ago, we stopped by the Far From Home Cafe food truck in Love Park for a burger. Sadly, we never got around to writing about the visit before the owner, Larry Comroe, announced they were closing the truck to start a show on street food trends. The last day is today.

Overall, the burger was as good as any quick burger joint although The Mighty Jerk burger could have used more jerk sauce to kick it up another notch.  The empanadas were popular, but we did not try unfortunately. 

The service was quick and the staff was friendly.  We'll miss the idea of using a fun picture card (see below) instead of a number to know when you order is done.

Here some some camera phone pics of our visit for memory lane.

Waiting Card

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