March 24, 2011

The Wishing Well Gastropub in Bella Vista

Last weekend my father and I were wandering around Bella Vista and the Italian Market areas during some down time between sessions at the NCAA Wrestling Championships (Penn State won for the first time in 58 years! Go State!).

Luckily for us we stumbled upon The Wishing Well in the mid afternoon to drink some beers and watch March Madness.  The beer selection was solid as I enjoyed a nice Stoudt's Gold Lager and my father sampled an IPA he never heard of. 

The bartender, Chris Ineson, was conversational and even checked out our blog while we chatted.  He is definitely good people.  During our conversation, he told us about their legendary Shame Burger and the Shame Burger Challenge.

The Shame Burger

The Shame Burger is a burger topped with an egg and homemade scrapple.  It's the brainchild of founders and Philly natives Chris Martino and Carmen Cappello who actually first served the burger in Atlanta before returning to Philly.  

We both tried a Shame Burger and firmly agreed on two things.  First, the burger is delicious, unique and everyone should try.  Second, it sits in your stomach like a ton of bricks and we have no idea how someone could finish the Shame Burger Challenge.

The Shame Burger Challenge consists of two double Shame burgers each with two beef patties, two pieces of scrapple, four cheese slices, two fried eggs, two orders of fries and two pints of beer.  Absolutely insane.

The record is just under four minutes, which both Chris and another bartender saw live.  Even more remarkable is the second fastest time is under six minutes and was done at the same time (two competitive eaters gave it a try one day).

Bartender Chris mentioned they are trying hard to get Adam Richman and Man v. Food to do the challenge.  They even have a Facebook page to try to make it happen if you want to join the campaign. More than 100 people have attempted the challenge and less than 10 completed.

The Wishing Well is a excellent spot for anyone to visit. We love gastropubs and the Wishing Well is certainly one we will add to our list go to places.  I am already itching to go back to try the southern fried chicken.

Some pics of pops enjoying his Shame Burger below.


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