March 9, 2011

Mark your drinking calendar! Yelp Cocktails Week

Now here's a good way to get rid of the late winter blues... From Monday, April 4th to Sunday, April 10th, Yelp is hosting Yelp Cocktails Week, a sampling of cocktails at Philly hotspots for 50% off the regular price.

To me, this is a perfect excuse to try new places. We are big fans of eating dinner at a restaurant's bar, often because that area is more lively and you don't feel the pressure of a waiter peering over your shoulder. But whether you order food or not, who doesn't like cheap drinks?!

One half-off cocktail will be offered per location from opening until midnight. No coupons or tickets needed, you just have to ask for the Yelp Cocktails Week pricing when you get there. Here is the list of participants.

Martini (regular price $12)

El Camino Real
Margarita (regular price $5)

Agave Cooler (regular price $12)


Kokopelli Margarita (regular price $10.50)

Blackberry Bourbon (regular price $12)

Le Castagne
The Philadelphian (regular price $12)

Locust Rendezvous
Pinnacle Chocolate Whipped Vodka shots (regular price $4.75)

The Run Tell That (regular price $11)

ANTHO (regular price $10)

Percy Street Barbecue
Percy Punch (regular price $8)

Positano Coast
Salvia (regular price $10)

Honorable Mention (regular price $9)

Ranstead Room
The Rumble (regular price $12)

Ristorante Panorama
il bar Champagne Cocktail (regular price $12)

Junmai Fizz (regular price $8)

Smokin' Betty's
Berry Betty (regular price $9)

South Philly Bar & Grill
South Philly Tap Water (regular price $7)

Twenty Manning Grill
Cucumber Lime Caipiroska (regular price $10)

Sangria (regular price $8)

Root Bean Soda (regular price $8)

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