January 6, 2011

A Dose of Recipes to Enjoy

A collection of recipes for your cooking endeavors.  Enjoy!  And let us know you if make any.

Brisket Ragu:  A recipe to make leftover brisket ragu since making a brisket often leads to decisions about what to do with leftovers.  A great idea.

Budino di parmigiano: This is a recipe from Roberto Donna, a famous Italian chef.  The recipe is for his budino di parmigiano, a Parmesan custard topped with burrata cheese, a porcini-mushroom purée, and shaved black truffle.  I've never had it and never made it.  Sure sounds good though.

Scotch Eggs:  An egg wrapped in sausage.  Too awesome not to try!

Ricotta gnocchi:  A twist on the old favorite, which are usually made with potatoes. 

Southwest potatoes:  Simple, yet looks delicious.   


Denise D. said...

Scotch eggs are delicious! And this recipe seems much simpler than I imagined it would be.

Bradd said...

Just change the temp when cooking. Say 450 for 20 mins or so