November 13, 2010

Straight from the Farm to Supper

I put Supper on our own Best of Philly to-eat list because I'd heard rave reviews from foodie friends and Philly Magazine said it has the best bar snacks in town. Have to say... Supper has one damn good lobster roll (plus other great food) and I'm not even a big lobster fan!

We went to Supper last night for a nice, quiet dinner after I had spent a week traveling for work. I had no problem getting a reservation for two people just one day in advance, but I imagine walking in wouldn't have resulted in much of a wait. Supper also has a bar that seats about 12 people.

One super cool thing about Supper is that Mitch and Jennifer Prensky, the owners, also run their own farm. Called the Blue Elephant Farm, most of the ingredients they use come straight from there to the table, fresh as can be. The top right-hand corner of the menu has a list of the ingredients they grow. I really love that this is a budding trend, as Jose Garces supposedly just bought a farm in Bucks County, too.

The decor in Supper intends to give off a sophisticated farmhouse feel, and it works. I liked sitting by the window looking out over South Street, but it was a little chilly.

Off the hors d'oeurves menu (P.S. who calls it that on restaurant menus? I feel like you only see that at parties), we picked out the lobster roll and cheddar & sage gougeres. Lobster roll was awesome - served warm on a crispy piece of bread. Like I said, I don't really like lobster but these were pretty freakin' awesome. Serve 'em at a party and I'd eat 12.

The gougeres were like cream puffs and served cold, so I was a bit disappointed. Just warming them up a little would have made them better. The smoked chicken wings and soft pretzels looked good too - save that for next time.

For the main dish, I got the Pan Roasted Sea Scallops, served as "slightly larger than an appetizer" with just two big scallops but it was plenty for me. Whatever the sauce was underneath was delish, as was the cauliflower that comes with it. I don't know what goes into cooking scallops the right way, but Supper's were just about perfect.

Since the scallops came off the "plates" menu of smaller dinners, I also ordered the Blue Elephant Farm Greens and Herbs Salad. After traveling for a week and hardly touching a vegetable, it made me feel better mentally, but I probably could have saved the $9 and gone without. The dressing, apples and cornbread in the salad were tasty but when a salad is mostly just leaves, I don't get too excited.

Bradd opted for the Supper Burger, which he said was one of, if not the, juiciest burgers he'd ever had. Put applewood bacon, gruyere, caramelized onions, and roasted tomato (which he particularly raved about) in between farm-raised meat and a good bun, and we're sold. It looked like they baked the burger a little after putting the cheese on, too, because it had that nice, slightly brown crisp on top. Yummmm.

Price-wise, Supper is right in line with most other Center City joints that serve a variety of "plates" sizes. It's off the typical beaten path at 9th and South, but the area seems to be really coming alive. Percy Street BBQ (also on our to-do list) is right next door and both Super Fresh and Whole Foods are across the street. Lots of promise and freshness on that block, with room to grow.

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