January 17, 2010

Taqueria Veracruzana

The so called Taquerias (aka taco shop) of South Philly have been receiving a lot of attention in recent years. We decided to check one out before heading to the movies. It was tough to pick one after an exhaustive search on the web. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Guess we will have to visit them all so we can give ya'll our opinion. We chose Taqueria Veracruzana.

It is on Washington right near the Italian Market. It is a no-frills taco shop. Those unfamiliar with a taqueria can compare it a no-frills pizza joint. You don't go for presentation or service.

I thought about trying the alambre, but went with the chicken burrito. Kristy got three tacos (all beef or steak). The burrito was very good. It is not what you get at a Qdoba. Less cheese and it was huge. I thought it would have more spice to it, but you can just add salsa to your liking.

The tacos were definitely no frills. They came in soft not as hard tacos. No cheese. Kristy didn't really like it mostly b/c she had flash backs to a previous mexican place we went (she got ill). I thought the tacos were quite good and enjoyed the no-frills aspect. The tortilla was soft and I liked the spice of the meat. I would have liked to try the pork tacos.

In the end, Taqueria Veracruzana was what I expected. Nothing too special. Just simple food. I'd go back again and looking forward to trying some of the other nearby taquerias.

On another note, I love seeing these taquerias sprout up and take hold in Philly. They represent what is great about our country. It's no different than italians coming here not being able to speak any english and congregating in neighborhoods with other italians in South Philly. I can imagine being in South Philly many years ago and seeing all these pizza places opening as the italian immigrants moved in. This is what is happening with the hispanic culture near the Italian market. When you go to a taqueria you are learning another culture as they aim for their slice of the american dream.


Anonymous said...

Try el Jarocho, is really good or Taco Riendo in Northern Liberties

Bradd said...

Thanks. A friend mentioned el Jarocho too. Looking forward to trying.