October 12, 2009

Village Whiskey

If you live in Philly and enjoy food you by now are well aware of Jose Garces. We have been to Distrito, Tinto and Amada so when we heard about Village Whiskey we were anxious to try.

We went on a Saturday during prime hours and were able to get a table in about 15 minutes. We noticed there is outside seating, but since it was cold no one was out there. They should put heaters outside (we would have sat outside). The outside seating is a nice addition to that section of Sansom Street and we would expect it to be popular in the summer. By the way anyone else notice that the 20th block of Sansom is picking up (noble, melograno, helium, etc).

We knew going that it was not a standard Jose Garces places, but we liked the concept even though I hate whiskey. The whiskey list was extensive so I suspect whiskey lovers would enjoy. It didnt seem like the hostess was interested in having you wait at the bar while waiting so not sure if it is a place you can stop in for a drink. But, you can definitely get a table and enjoy some beers or whiskey. Nice beer list.

The food was excellent. We had homemade cheese puffs to start. Hard to explain, but basically fluffy pieces of dough with cheese on top. very good. There are also several kinds of pickled items on the menu. We had pickled tomatoes. Very good as well. served with bread and cream cheese and a nice starter item.

I had looked at the menu a few week's ago and noticed short rib and cheddar fries. That's what I ordered. It was basically short rib, fries, cheese and gravy. A heart attack waiting to happen! It was delicious. Certainly much better than what you would get at a bar and for $12 not overly expensive.

Kristy had the burger. I'd put it in the my top five list of burgers. Perfectly made and the roll was good too. modestly priced (cheaper than rouge). I would pick the burger over the short rib and fries.

Next time I would get the pulled pork and get the short rib and fries as a side (as it should be ordered). I also want to try the tater tots.

Verdict. A very good place. Several steps above a normal bar, but nothing too fancy. If you want some good food, good drink and a nice atmosphere I would recommend Village Whiskey.

If you want a Jose Garces meal stick with Tinto, Amada, etc.

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Helen said...

You can see all my comments over here, but I wasn't much impressed with the pulled pork. Hopefully, you'll find it more to your liking!