March 8, 2009

Linda goes to Continental Midtown

Bradd was away this weekend so my mom, Linda, came to visit for a girls' weekend. We had a great time visiting our new house (which, conveniently will remain appropriate for the name of our blog, phew), doing some shopping, and then of course having a yummy dinner at Continental Midtown.

I knew that was the perfect spot as soon as we made plans for her to visit because a) she loves the concept of Stephen Starr and the fact that I eat at his restaurants a lot... and b) my dad would hate it so having just mom in town was the perfect opportunity to show her such a funky, popular spot.

And it was our lucky night... cause we got SWINGING BASKET CHAIRS!!!! I was really really hoping for that cause I knew she'd love it. Couldn't get her to try any of their famous drinks, like the Buzz Aldrin, but she did enjoy the Redwood cabernet sauvingnon so whatever. I had a couple yummy Champagne-O-Ramas which hit the spot.

For dinner we HAD to get the french onion soup dumplings cause I love them and knew she would too... you get six little ball shaped things that are cheese on the top and bread on the outside holding it together, but inside are piping hot onions and broth, so combined they literally tasted exactly like french onion soup. And then of course we HAD to get the shoestring fries cause they are so fun and everyone always has to gasp when then arrive at the table. To that we just added something new (to me at least) on the menu - a shrimp scampi flatbread. Ended up being totally not what we expected - I was visualizing a flatbread pizza looking thing with shrimp on it but instead it was shrimp on the plate drowned in scampi sauce and a mini loaf of garlic bread in the middle. She loved it - I like it but thought the sauce was a little potent. And yes, I do LOVE garlic and I can handle a lot but this scampi sauce wasn't my favorite.

I have been to Continental Midtown a bunch of times before but this go-around there were a handful of new small and large plates on the menu, so I would like to go back again soon and try some more new things. In the past I would often get the same items over and over cause I really liked them, but definitely worth trying something new. One of my regular favs is the crispy calamari salad - for lunch or dinner. It's huge but once you start, you can't stop eating it.

For dessert we got the carrot cake which was great. I would have loved to eat the nutella something or other, but my mom always gives up chocolate for Lent so that was off the table. What's nice about dessert there is its tiny little portions, so you get just enough small bites to not go overboard and feel like a cow afterwards.

Fun times had by all... and of course we took a pic for posterity!

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