May 3, 2008


Welcome to 22nd & Philly. Let me give you a quick background on why we started this blog. First, we love living in Phily and want to share our experiences. Second, every week, typically on Friday, we come home from work and spend way too much trying to decide where we want to go for dinner. We use the typical Philly Mag reviews, the internet, but always struggle to find what we want. it's frustrating. I for one am asimple person when it comes to dining and don't care for the Craig Laban and other "fancy" reviewers. I'm all about good food.

So, we will aim to give our review of the places we eat or go to. The simple man's version. We won't get into presentation, be too picky about service, etc. At the end of the day, if I cleaned the plate with a piece of bread you know it was a good meal!

We go to all kinds of places - fancy, bars, byobs, hidden gems, etc. As we go we will give you a simple review. It's a work in progress so enjoy the ride and we hope you learn a thing or two that you can use as you enjoy the great city of Philadelphia.

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