August 8, 2016

Pass Me More of Those #@%$! Puppy Heads. Anthony Bourdain Returns to Philly

More than five years ago, we attended an entertaining Anthony Bourdain show at the Keswick Theater. His comment about what it would it take for him to eat a puppy head became the headline for our post outlining his travel tips and approach to experiencing food-related traditions around the world.

While Bourdain was popular when we first saw him, his cultural significance has
increased exponentially since, and like him or not, his opinions influence food culture and conversation greatly.

His no holds barred monologue show is coming back to the Philadelphia area on October 26 as a stop on The Hunger, an 11-city North American tour. The tour coincides with the release of his new book, Appetites: A Cookbook.

The Hunger is a live show featuring an unyielding, brutally honest monologue reflecting on diverse culture, street cuisine and his travels to lesser-known locations around the world, followed by an open Q&A session. You can trust Bourdain to provide a show consisting of laughs, serious discussions and random thoughts of irreverence.

Tickets are on sale here: Stay tuned for a future post where we will giveaway tickets to the show.


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